Last updated December 21, 2020 

This Privacy Policy is aimed to inform you (“You”) as a user of WalkFit (“WalkFit”, “Application”, “Service”) about the information Mobilious Limited (“we”, “us”, “our”), with registered office at Florinis, 7, Greg Tower, 2nd floor, 1065, Nicosia, Cyprus, as the Application developer, collects, how that information may be used, with whom it may be shared, and Your options about such use and disclosure. 

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into, and is subject to, the Application’s Terms of Use

By choosing to use our Service You explicitly: (I) agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy, (II) warrant and guarantee that You are over 16 years of age (or are a parent or guardian with such authority to agree to this Privacy Policy for the benefit of an individual under 16 years of age). Please do not use the Application or access the services provided by it if You do not agree to this Privacy Policy.

What kind of information do we collect?

We may collect information that can identify You (“Personal Information”), and other information that does not identify You, as listed below.

Information You provide

  • age, gender, name, height, weight, target weight, fitness level and Your goals for using the Service. We may collect and store the abovementioned information when You provide it to us in order to use the Service or in some other manner, for example by corresponding with us (by email or chat, for instance) when You report a problem with the Service or when You subscribe to any of our services, or search for a service.

Note: Information about a third party

When You provide us with information about a third party, You must have the consent of that third party before providing us with that information. By providing us with information regarding a third party You warrant that You have their permission to provide that information to us.

Information collected automatically

  • Device and Usage Information that may include information specific to Your mobile device (e.g., model, operating system, mobile device id (similar to a website IP address); information about Your logging in, use of features, functions, or notifications on the device. We also collect and use Your Apple Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) and Google Advertising ID (AAID) to recognize Your device and support advertising activities on our Services. These number values are not permanently tied to Your device and, depending on Your operating system, You can reset it through Your device settings;
  • Workout/physical activity related data, including taken steps, travelled distance, burned calories, travelling time;
  • Cookies. A cookie is a small amount of data stored on Your device used as an anonymous unique identifier. Please note that cookies commonly do not contain personal information. This Service does not use these cookies explicitly;
  • Your device’s geo-location (GPS) data [for Android devices only]. We will ask Your consent for the procession of Your device’s geo-location data. We use this information to provide You location-based functionality within the Service specifically designed to reflect your route on the map during workout/free walk. You may, at any time, restrict Our use of geo-device location data either through in-app settings, or via settings of your device. However, We will not be able to continue provision of Service’s location-based functionality, shall you not allow Our access to the geo-location. 

We store your device’s geo-location data locally at your device so that Your current/last workout/free walk information is available to You. Such storage is performed only for the period of Your current workout/free walk and until You start the next workout (i.e. once you start a new workout, information on the previous workout shall be interchanged). 

What do we collect this information for?

  • enhancing Your user experience on our Service by operating, maintaining, and providing You with all of the content and features of the Services, including via experience personalization (“maintaining Service functionality purposes”);
  • managing Your account and providing You with customer support. We may use Your Personal Information to respond to Your requests for technical support, Service information or to any other communication You initiate (“customer support purposes”);
  • performing research and analysis about Your use of, or interest in, our products, services or content, or products, services or content offered by others (“analytics purposes”);
  • communicating with You via push notifications and/or through other digital methods about App updates (app information). You can opt out of receiving push notifications by changing the settings on Your device;
  • developing and providing content and advertising tailored to Your interests on our Service and other third party services, arranging of advertising campaigns, analysis of advertising campaigns effectiveness (“marketing purposes”) to the extent permitted by the law (“marketing purposes”);
  • detecting and resolving any fraud or other illegal or undesirable user behavior;
  • taking other legally-required actions.

With whom do we share this information and how may we disclose it?

Service Providers

We may share Your Personal Information with third parties that perform certain services on our behalf, such as our authorized service providers or analytics providers. In general, the third-party providers engaged by us will only collect, use and disclose Your information to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide to us, e.g. facilitating our Service and analyzing how our Service is used. 

Hereunder You can find more detailed list of some third parties - service providers with whom we may share Your Personal Information as described above, along with links to such service providers privacy policies, which we recommend You read:

1) AppsFlyer

We use AppsFlyer for analytics and marketing purposes as described herein above.

As for analytics purposes, Appsflyer helps us to understand, in particular, how users find our App (for example, which advertiser had delivered an ad that led You to our App in App store). Appsflyer also provides us with different analytics tools that enable us to research and analyze Your use of the Service.

As for marketing purposes, Appsflyer helps us to tailor our and third parties ads to Your interests and show the relevant ads to You.

In order to receive those services from Appsflyer, we share such data as:

  • device type and model, CPU, system language, memory, OS version, Wi-Fi status, time stamp and zone, device motion parameters and carrier (“Technical Information”);
  • IP address (which may also provide general location information), User agent, IDFA (Apple identifier for advertisers), Google Advertiser ID and other similar unique identifiers (“Technical Identifiers”);
  • information relating to our ad campaigns and Your actions in the App, such as: clicks on the ads, ad impressions viewed, the URL from the referring website, downloads and installations of Applications, and other interactions, events and actions, such as add to cart, in-app purchases made, clicks, engagement time etc. (“Engagement Information”).

Please read AppsFlyer privacy policy regarding its collection and use of data in order to perform services for us, available at, to acknowledge how AppsFlyer operates Your Personal Information. Please note that You may cancel collection of Your Personal Information for and sharing it with AppsFlyer using this link:

2) Amazon Web Services

We use Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), which is a hosting and backend service provided by Amazon, for personal data hosting and enabling our Application to operate and be distributed to its users.

You can learn more about the Amazon Privacy Policy here: AWS Privacy Notice and Data Privacy FAQ.

3) Amplitude

We use Amplitude for analytics and customer support purposes as described herein above.

As for analytics purposes, Amplitude helps us to understand, in particular, how users find our App (for example, which advertiser had delivered an ad that led You to our App in App store). Amplitude also provides us with different analytics tools that enable us to research and analyze Your use of the Service. As for customer support purposes, Amplitude helps us to respond to Your requests for technical support. For example, it enables us to track Your interaction with our App and in order to detect particular technical issues with our Ap

In order to receive those services from Amplitude, we share such data as:

  • age, gender, email, locale, referral source, plan type (“user related information”);
  • Platform, device type, device family, country, city, region, carrier, OS, language, IP Address (“technical information”);
  • Your interaction with the App (i.e. taps on the particular screens).

4) Firebase

We use a number of Firebase (platform developed by Google) services for different purposes. In particular, we use:

  • Google Analytics for Firebase (powered by Google Ireland Limited, with offices at Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland)

As to iOS devices, we use Google Analytics for Firebase in order to assess app performace/minimize crashes, in complex with Firebase Crashlytics (see below). For Android devices, we use Google Analytics for Firebase not only to assess app performace/minimize crashes, but also to assess effectiveness of our advertizing camplaigns. In this regards, we may share/receive some of your data with/from Google, for example your Android Advertizing Identifier, IP address, fact of purchase, interactions with ads. 

Generally, within Google Analytics for Firebase service, Google only processes data based on our instructions, therefore, shall not use the data for its own, not related to described above, purposes. 

  • Firebase Crashlytics (powered by Google Ireland Limited, with offices at Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland)

Firebase Crashlytics is a Google Firebase service, which allows us to track application performance, i.e. we can discover the causes and severity of crashes in our App. In order to provide the services, Crashlytics collects your device-related and App-interaction data, such as the timestamp of when the crash occurred, technical characteristics of particular crash and your device characteristics etc. Crashlytics shall not use collected data otherwise as to App-related purposes.

Should you with to understand further how Google generally uses the data transferred from our App, please follow the links: and privacy#data_protection

5) Amazon Mobile Analytics

We use Amazon Mobile Analytics, which is an Amazon service for collecting, visualizing and understanding app usage data at scale, to learn and analyse how our App is being used.

With the Amazon Mobile Analytics help we can collect and analyse the following information regarding our Application:

  • General – monthly active users; daily active users; new users; daily sessions; sticky factor; 1-day retention; average revenue per daily active user; daily paying users; average revenue per paid daily active user;
  • Active users – tracking how many users engage with our App daily and monthly and to monitor their stickiness to improve engagement, appeal and monetization;
  • Sessions – tracking how often our App is used on a given day and how often each user opens our App during a day;
  • Retention – tracking the rate at which users come back to our App on a daily and weekly basis;
  • Revenue – tracking in-app revenue trends to identify areas for monetization improvement.

In order to receive these services from Amazon Mobile Analytics, we share such data as:

  • Daily active users, monthly active users and new users;
  • Sticky factor (daily active users divided by monthly active users);
  • Session count and average sessions per daily user;
  • Average revenue per daily active user and average revenue per paid daily active user;
  • Day 1, 3 and 7 retention and week 1, 3 and 7 retention.

You can learn more about the Amazon Privacy Policy here:

6) Facebook Pixel (if data processing concerns EU sitizens: by Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland (in controller-to-processor relationship) or Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland (in co-controllership); for processing of data originating from other jurisdictions: Facebook, Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA)

We use Facebook Pixel for one of our advertizing web-lendings leading to the App. The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising by understanding the actions the users take within the Service.

Within the processing activities via pixel, Facebook may act either as processor or as co-controller.

In more details:

-> for matching Service users with particular ads, ads effectiveness measurement and analytics services Facebook acts as a processor. It collects and processes on behalf of the Service the following data:

direct identifiers (if any), which are going to be hashes by Facebook;

actions users take within the Service (so-called events).

-> for targeting our ads, improving ads delivery, personalising features and content, and for improving and securing Facebook's products Facebook and the Service and as co-controllers.

Co-controllership means that Facebook as co-controller may use collected data not only on behalf of the Service, but also independently in the scope necessary for the mentioned purposes. Co-controller relationships between the Service and Facebook are governed by Controller Addendum.

Within co-controllership, the Service and Facebook collect the following data:

  • HTTP header (including countly-level locale + language),
  • actions users take within the Service (so-called events),
  • IP address,
  • FB-related identifiers.

Please mind that you may opt-out of the collection and use of information for ad targeting. Options you may use in order to opt-out, are described below in this Privacy Policy. Some of the and mechanisms for exercising the choice to opt out are via the links: and  

7) We may also share Your Personal Information with the Apple HealthKit application installed on Your device, provided You expressly gave a permission for that in the Apple HealthKit App. Personal Information may be shared only to the extent required by the Apple HealthKit App, so for more information on it please see

8) Google Maps Services [for Android devices only]

In order to provide you the Service’s location-related features, we integrate Google Maps as a part of our Service and, consequently, share Your geo-location information with Google. 

Please mind that within the integration, Google acts as a separate independent controller of your data, which means that it may collect Your data directly from You without Our interference, as well as use the collected data for its own purposes, such as maintenance, protection and improvement of the services. We, in our turn, will not transfer any personally identifiable information in relation to You to Google, and will not have access to Your data collected directly by Google. 

Your use of integrated Google Maps Services is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy, available via the link: 

9) FitBit [for Android devices only]

Provided that you opt in, We may obtain access to Your personal information, such as general quantity of steps during the day or during workout per minute; as well as share Your personal information, such as your activity/workout details (burned calories, start time/date and duration of workout, distance, system used for distance measurement) to FitBit. Please be aware that procession of Your data by FitBit shall be performed based on FitBit Privacy Policy, which may be accessed via the link: 

10. Facebook SDK [for iOS devices only]

We use Facebook for analytics and marketing purposes as described herein above. As for analytics purposes, we use an instrument called Facebook Analytics from which we get, in particular, aggregated demographics and insights on how many people launch our app, how often users make purchases and other interactions.

As for marketing purposes, we use instruments such as Facebook Ads Manager.

In order to receive those services from Facebook, we share such data as:

  • Explicit events - information from events that we explicitly configure the Application to send, such as "AddtoBasket" or "logPurchase", along with any additional parameters provided.
  • Implicit events - information from events that are logged implicitly, if we choose to make use of other features of the Facebook SDK, such as integration with Facebook Login or the "Like" button.
  • Automatically logged events - basic interactions in the Application (e.g., Application installs, Application launches) that are collected automatically.
  • Facebook app ID - a unique identifier provided by Facebook to reference our website and Application.
  • Mobile advertiser ID - the iOS IDFA (Apple identifier for advertisers).
  • Technical Information and Identifiers - the mobile OS type and version, Application name, Application version, the device opt-out setting, Your user agent string and IP address, along with the following device related metrics: time zone, device OS, device model, carrier, screen size, processor cores, total disk space, remaining disk space.

Please read Facebook privacy policy regarding its collection and use of data in order to perform services for us, available at,, to acknowledge how Facebook operates with Your Personal Information. Please note that You may choose which ads in particular to receive (or not to) via Facebook by visiting the following link: .We recommend that You read all the privacy policies indicated above, so You can understand the manner in which Your information will be handled by these providers.

Information Disclosure

We may disclose the following information:

  • age, gender, email, locale, referral source, plan type (“user related information”);
  • Platform, device type, device family, country, city, region, carrier, OS, language, IP Address (“technical information”);
  • Your interaction with the App (i.e. taps on the particular screens).

We may disclose information:

  • in response to a subpoena or similar investigative demand, a court order, or a request for cooperation from law enforcement or other government agency; to establish or exercise our legal rights; to defend against legal claims; or as otherwise required by law. In such cases, we may raise or waive any legal objection or right available to us.
  • when we believe disclosure is appropriate in connection with efforts to investigate, prevent, or take other action regarding illegal activity, suspected fraud or other wrongdoing; to protect and defend the rights, property or safety of our company, our users, our employees, or others; to comply with applicable law or cooperate with law enforcement; or to enforce our Service terms or other agreements or policies.
  • in connection with a substantial corporate transaction, such as the sale of our business, a divestiture, merger, consolidation, or asset sale, or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.

Aggregate Data

We may anonymize or aggregate data collected through the Service and use and disclose it for any purpose.

International Data Transfers

Please note that our business is global, so when You provide Personal Information through our Service, the information may be sent to servers located in different countries around the world.


If You would like to update or correct any information that You have provided to us through Your use of the Service, You may use the Service to do so. If You need help with rectification of data You think is inaccurate, please contact us via email at

You may also change certain Personal Information in Your account by going to the “Settings” menu or sending an email request to us at

You can make a request to erase Your Personal Information through the ‘Settings’ menu of this Application. Please note that it may affect the Services provided, and You will not be able to use the full scope of the Services. When we delete any information, it will be deleted from the active database, but it may remain in our archives. Should You require the deletion of such Personal Information from our archives, please contact us at Please note that we may be required to keep such information in our archives and not delete it (or to keep this information for a certain time, in which case we will comply with Your deletion request only after we have fulfilled such requirements). Please also note that the erasing of Your Personal Information does not mean the automatic cancellation of Your subscription or refund of Your payments.

You can make a request to receive the Personal Information related to You through the ‘Settings’ menu of this Application. Should You make such a request, You will be required to provide us with an email address which we would be able to send Your Personal Information to. Please note that You confirm and guarantee that the email address You provide to us in order to receive Your Personal Information shall belong to You and You shall be solely responsible for its correctness and validity and therefore we shall in any case not be liable for any breach of Your Personal Information due to sending it to that email address.

You may object to the processing of Personal Information concerning You for marketing purposes by contacting us at and the related Personal Information shall no longer be processed for such purposes.

Opting-out via Your device

You can opt-out from personalized advertisement experience at any time by checking the privacy settings of your device (we do not perform persomalized advertisements for Android devices).

For Apple Devices:

  • 1. Open Settings.
  • 2. Select Privacy.
  • 3. Select Advertising and enable "Limit Ad Tracking".

When You choose to opt-out, advertising networks will consider this choice as a withdrawal of consent to personalized advertisement experience and they will show contextual advertisements and not personalized advertisements based on Your interests.

Please note that You may also opt out from collection of Your data for advertising purposes not only via our Application, but also on Your entire device using:

1) Your device settings

iOS: go to “Settings” - “Privacy” - “Advertising” - “Limit Ad Track”. You may additionally reset Your advertising identifier (this also may help You to see less of personalized ads) in the same section.

2) and links below

  • Network Advertising Initiative –
  • Digital Advertising Alliance –
  • Digital Advertising Alliance (Canada) – 
  • Digital Advertising Alliance (EU) – 
  • DAA AppChoices page –

Please note that the result of such objection or cancellation may affect the process of the Services improvement. However, You would still be able to use the App.

If You think that the Personal Information related to You is inaccurate, but You can’t rectify it as described above, You may contact us at to restrict the processing of such data for the period of time we need to verify the accuracy of the Personal Information, which we will inform You of.

You can stop all collection of information by the Application by uninstalling the Application from Your mobile device. You may use the standard uninstall processes as may be available as part of Your mobile device or via the Application marketplace or network.


We place great importance on the security of all personally identifiable information associated with our users. We have security measures (including physical, electronic and procedural measures) to help safeguard Your Personal Information from unauthorized access and disclosure. While we cannot ensure or guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of information will never occur, we make all reasonable efforts to prevent it. However, You should bear in mind that submission of information over the internet is never entirely secure.

We do not collect and we are not responsible for the collection or security of payment details.

Links to Other Services

There are a number of places on our Service where You may click on a link directing You away from our Service to access other applications or websites that do not operate under this Privacy Policy. These third-party websites may independently solicit and collect information, including Personal Information, from You and, in some instances, provide us with information about Your activities on those websites. We recommend that You consult the privacy statements of all third-party websites You visit by clicking on the “privacy” link typically located at the bottom of the webpage You are visiting.

Children’s Privacy

This Service does not address anyone under the age of 16. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 16. If we discover that a child under 16 has provided us with Personal Information, we shall take steps to delete such information and terminate the child’s account. If You are a parent or a guardian and You are aware that Your child has provided us with Personal Information, please contact us so that we will be able to take the necessary actions.


We will retain Your information for as long as the Application is installed on Your mobile device or as needed to provide You with our Service. If You remove the Application, we will remove Your information and use copies of Your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Thus, You are advised to check our Service occasionally to inform Yourself of any changes. We will notify You of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on this page. These changes are effective immediately after they are posted on this page. Your continued use of the Application after changes have been posted to the Privacy Policy will constitute Your acceptance of such changes.

Contact Us

Please submit any questions, concerns or comments You have about this Privacy Policy or any requests concerning

Your Personal Information via email to .